Cost monitoring

easyfeed meters reference and market data requests as they occur across the organization. Comprehensive dashboards and live data usage KPIs help market data managers to understand cost distribution and reduce over-spending.

Live alerts

Stay in control of market data spend and be proactively notified per email of important alerts concerning abnormal data cost, erroneous data requests, contract changes and many more...

Reports / Analytics

Run what-if scenarios using new or actual recorded past data requests. Upload verification reports and reconcile data invoices. Generate cost allocation reports and simulations for your business lines, based on real data spending. Evaluate cost impact of your test environments.

Cost Optimization

To cache or not to cache market data? This is often the question... Get precise evaluation of duplicate market data requests and quantify ROI for data caching. Thanks to easyfeed and our dedicated team of experts, clients can reduce their invoice from 15 to 40%!

Instant cost analysis and What-If simulations

With a simple drag-and-drop of data request files, get instant and detailed cost impact analysis.
Upload full request history and run what-if simulations in few clicks.

Data request file (.req)

Drag and Drop


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In-depth analytics and detailed reports

Manage all data retrieval processes of your organization centrally and get detailed insights about data cost impacts

monthly history


Understand what are the most expensive data requests

Get a precise overview of all data requests performed by your organization on your vendor accounts. Use intuitive search and filter functionalities to identify quickly cost-impacting data requests and generate custom reports including firm-wide metrics for cost across vendors and internal systems.

State of the art, secured and easy integration

Create in 1 click your dedicated and secured FTP account to integrate your systems fully with easyfeed.


No need to upload data request files manually

Get a private and secure FTP account on easyfeed. Copy automatically all data request files to easyfeed and monitor your costs over hours, days and months in real-time!

monthly history

Reduce costs and avoid unnecessary data requests

easyfeed provides you with unprecedented visibility, control and governance over your market data spending

Real-time dashboard

Understand where spending come from and how much is spent for TEST and DEV environments. Consolidate and report data consumption across your organization.

Track data costs over time

easyfeed allows to historize and archived all market data requests ever performed within the organization. It allows market data managers to clearly follow the impacts of internal policy changes over time.


Reduce data spending

Get all essential analyses for optimization of your market data costs and easily assess the spending impact of adding a new business line.

Build your data firewall

Set-up smart rules and policies and get notified immediately if breached. Don´t worry about your upcoming invoices anymore and relax with easyfeed.

Monthly and daily charge analysis

Identify quickly duplicated data requests and know the exact amount that can be saved!

monthly history
monthly history

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About easyfeed

The easy cloud-based solution for market data cost control

easyfeed is a unique and easy solution for market data cost control. Our fully hosted application allows clients to save costs on market data spending, reduce the time spent managing data costs and improves transparency over data consumption within their organization. With easyfeed, there is no need to install hardware or software as all processing takes place in our secured cloud without the need for copyrighted data to be loaded or processed.

Asset managers, brokers, custodians, fund administrators, hedge funds, investment banks and pension funds, all use reference and market data every day to value their portfolios, execute their transactions, assess their risk and feed their respective software applications. With an increase of regulations in the recent years, the need for high-quality data, as well as the volume required, have increased dramatically. Yet, only few data vendors remain available to enable financial institutions to fulfill their needs and demands. This limited competition has lead to quasi-monopolistic practices, with ever increasing costs of data and subtle pricing models that render follow up of costs and rationalization of usage very difficult.

Our mission is to help financial institutions to reduce their market data spend to the minimum and make sure that they are getting the most return from their investments.

easyfeed service supports Bloomberg Data License (FTP/sFTP, WebAPI). We are currently working towards extending our offering to other vendors such as Reuters, ICE, Six Financial and others... Stay tuned!

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Vincent Goubert

Business Development

Passionate by Technology applied to Financial Markets. Throughout his career, has opened new offerings in several EMEA countries, in particular businesses related to Market Data and standards of the industry (like FIX). Has a varied experience, having worked for Vendors (Bureau van Dijk, GL Trade, DTCC Avox, AIM) and ECNs (Chi-X).

Guillaume Boulbes

Technology Officer

A highly skilled technologist, started his career at HP as a programmer and led Consultancy on Private Banking. Has been working for AIM Software for 6,5 years in multiple capacities, from Business Analyst to MDM Product Manager where he developed an expertise in Market Data and Financial Data Feeds.

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