Market data cost control made easy

Our mission is to enable financial institutions to get full transparency on market data usage, reduce data spend to the minimum and ensure compliance with vendor contracts.

Financial institutions and companies worldwide rely on our fully hosted easyfeed Meter solution to get full transparency over market data consumption within their organization and to actually save costs. Comprehensive dashboards and live data usage KPIs help market data managers and procurement teams to understand internal data usage and to automate fully the internal cost allocation process. With easyfeed Meter, there is no need to install hardware or software as all processing takes place in a secured cloud environment without the need for copyrighted data to be loaded or processed.

Thanks to our in-memory and NoSql easyfeed Powerhub solution, financial institutions bring usage control and cost optimization to the next level. There is no need to change anything to the internal data sourcing and requesting process, easyfeed Powerhub acts as a transparent gateway for all applications and users to data vendor feeds. It offers a central data repository, avoid duplicated requests and make sure that the most cost-effective data source is always used by internal teams and applications.

Driven by an active community of users, easyfeed is designed to help financial institutions to save costs, eliminate waste and ensure compliance with data vendor contracts.


Vinent Goubert

Vincent Goubert

Business Development

Passionate about Technology applied to Financial Markets. Throughout his career, has opened new offerings in many EMEA countries, in particular for Market Data and Industry Standards solutions (FIX). Has a varied experience, having worked for Vendors (Bureau van Dijk, GL Trade, DTCC Avox, AIM) and ECNs (Chi-X).

Guillaume Boulbes

Guillaume Boulbes

Technology Officer

A highly skilled technologist, started his career at HP as a programmer and led Consultancy on Private Banking. Has been working for AIM Software for 6,5 years in multiple capacities, from Business Analyst to MDM Product Manager where he developed an expertise in Market Data and Financial Data Feeds.