easyfeed Meter

"You can not manage what you do not measure" - Peter Drucker -

Real-time Cost monitoring

Intuitive monitoring dashboard and in depth analysis features

Cost Allocation

Automated cost allocation through all organization business units

Smart Alerts

Smart email alerts in case of data policy breach

"Verification Reports" analysis

Invoice reconciliation and vendor reports analysis in one-click

What-if simulations

Avoid surprises. Predict upcoming costs of on-boarding new applications

Analytics and reports

Comprehensive usage reports and best practices recommendations

how it works

How does it work?

easyfeed Meter is a 100% cloud-based solution where clients have no application to install, test or maintain. They can use easyfeed secured cloud online to simply upload their vendor invoice reports. easyfeed Meter will then calculate automatically the data usage, the associated costs and update the client cost allocation in a matter of minutes.

The whole organization usage history can be analyzed with the application or via associated BI functions.

Usage monitoring

via SFTP, FTP, FTPS or Web Service

For daily monitoring of data usage, the only thing we will require from you is to send the information about your daily data request via our secured file transfer interface.

Nothing more to do on your side to be up and running. Guaranteed!

Uploaded FTP request
Uploaded FTP request

Cost allocation has never been that easy...

View usage of your vendor accounts, business units, applications, environments etc.

Get a consolidated view on data usage throughout the whole organization. Get comprehensive dashboards and analytics on your service usage. Automate the full cost allocation process and generate invoices for each of the responsible business unit.

Cost allocation can be based on invoice, but also on actual usage for fair distribution accross business units.

Analytics and reports

Built-in dashboards and custom reports

Get precise understanding of cost-impacting data requests, generate analytics reports with firm-wide metrics for cost across vendors.

Schedule report generation and get them automatically into your mail box!

Report analytics

What-if simulations in one click

Measure precisely the cost impact of new teams and applications
  • Data request information
  • Dropzone
    Drag and Drop
  • Data cost
    Instant cost analysis report