easyfeed Powerhub

Use the power of in-memory computing to take control of your reference data

Avoid duplicated requests

Reduce costs to the minimum by (re-)utilizing cached data

Central data repository

Centralize data sourcing and leverage bulk data feed

Intelligent scheduling

Smart choice between Adhoc or Scheduled data requests to minimize costs

Smart Vendor Selector

Routing to alternative data sources of equivalent quality but at a lower cost

Performance boost

Feed consuming applications with large data volumes at unprecedent speed

Full control over data usage

Real-time usage and cost tracking

how it works

How does it work?

easyfeed Powerhub is an advanced NoSQL application that can ingest, store and deliver large amounts of data in milliseconds. It helps our clients to access the reference data they need, with sub-second latency and at the best possible cost. easyfeed Powerhub enables the mutualization of "Extract/Request" and "Load/Transform/Ingest" processes across all data consumers in a financial institution.

Consumer can extract ingested data easily, at any time and in any format.

The power of in-memory computing

Your data delivery at the speed of light

Equipped with the latest innovations for in-memory caching, NoSql and AI, easyfeed Powerhub can process very large volume of data at an unprecedent speed. Its distributed architecture delivers high-availability and best-in-class geographic scalability for large financial institutions. easyfeed Powerhub can be deployed on all major cloud platforms, on-premise, on containers or in a hybrid model.

No database or third-party application required. Guaranteed!

how it works
how it works

Power is nothing without control...

Full transparency on data usage and cost

Combined with easyfeed Meter, Powerhub´s data usage is transparent, cost-auditable and fully compliant with data vendor contracts. Market data manager can easily setup and control data usage of each group of data consumers within the organization.

With best-in-class data caching, unnecessary requests are avoided and savings can be monitored in real time.

Flexible caching rules

Intuitive business parameterization for efficient data sourcing

Thanks to an easy and powerful parameterization interface, business users can define precisely what needs to be cached and stored into easyfeed Powerhub, for who and for how long. easyfeed Powerhub allows organizations to enforce data entitlements, facilitate compliant sourcing and adopt a cost-efficient data usage approach.

Caching rule screen shot